"After being married for so long, it was hard to know how to date again when I found myself divorced at 60.  With time, I was able to see the silver lining to my situation and begin creating a new life for myself.  The process helped make me stronger and now I have an even better life than I had before!"  

B.C. - La Quinta

"Thank you for helping us navigate my husband's affair.  Your support and guidance helped us stay together so that it didn't end our marriage"
Anonymous - Palm Springs



"Working with Bev helped us get our sex life back on track, and remember what’s important in life.  Thanks, we couldn't have 

done it without you!"  M.B. - Orange County, CA

"My partner and I where at our wits end, always having the same argument over and over.  Mediation helped us understand what the conflict was all about and learn how to approach things differently with each other." 

T.M. - Palm Springs, CA



"At age 40 I realized I was a Lesbian, stuck in a marriage to a man. We had children together but I could no longer live that life. Bev helped me accept the truth about myself and how to end the marriage in a loving way so that my ex and I could be good co-parents together." BB, Palm Springs, CA 

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