marriage counseling / sex therapy / mediation


Relationship Counseling


Throughout life, we will go through many challenges - 

some expected, others unexpected. 

  • Changes in relationships, children, extended family
  • Changes in employment; retirement
  • Mid-life issues for men and women (including hormone changes, loss of intimacy/desire)
  • Caring for elderly parents, loss of loved ones 
  • Job loss, discovery of an affair, financial instability
  • Possible separation / divorce
  • Medical conditions / becoming a caretaker

 These events often create a feeling of instability. 

During sessions you'll learn how to:

  • Communicate clearly and directly without high emotions
  • Resolve conflict by getting to the core of the issue
  • Accept what you can't change or control
  • Learn to change negative thoughts and focus on solutions 
  • Build support system/resources to help you through challenging times
  • Keep a sense of love, appreciation and partnership even through rough waters


My Approach

When we're stressed and feeling overwhelmed, it's hard to remember we're not alone - our partner isn't the enemy, but our ally.  I help clients eliminate conflict and unhealthy communication, listen more without becoming defensive, remain open and empathetic even during a disagreement.  

Weekly homework assignments, to practice new skills, helps to change 

long-standing patterns that keep you feeling stuck. 

I incorporate Emotionally Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, DBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and 

Mediation/Conflict Resolutions skills to achieve this!


AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


  For couples, I assist in rebuilding trust after an affair, look at loss of desire due to age/hormone changes, or medical issues that affect performance. Other areas include eliminating causes that create avoidance or anxiety around sex, and find ways to add variety & spice 

in a long-term relationship.  

For individuals, I assist them on their journey of self-discovering, whether it's exploring recent changes or long-standing patterns.  I also  provide a safe space for individuals to explore their sexual orientation 

and gender identity, so they can live their authentic life.
LGBT friendly.

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